SnapBack the smart hat! (Second Place @ Xilinx Hackathon)

Snapback 1.0

snapBack 1.0

  • Developed a wireless webcam-equipped cap that captures happy moments by recognizing smiling faces (utilizing OpenCV on PYNQ-Z1 with FPGAs) and using that recognition to trigger the capture of a short video clip or photo, which is then wirelessly uploaded to the cloud for later viewing. This open-source project aims to assist people with short memory retention problems (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease) to recall life’s most precious moments.
  • In 24 hours, we, the team of 4 students, “hacked” all the hardware together to make them cordless and fit the small Noogler intern hat in this project. We documented our steps, code, and pictures in this github link:
  • We got the “Runner-Up” award at Xilinx Hackathon. If you might have feedback and suggestions how we could improve it, I’d love to chat.

Smile Detection:

OpenCV running on Xilinx PYNQ


First and Second Place teams!

Github repository:




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October 23, 2017