Meal Tracker, a Hybrid App (Ionic)

I developed this app while learning about the Ionic framework for cross-platform mobile apps. Meal Tracker is app that lets user track their meals including taking picture and adding short description and the option to estimate calories.

Github repository:


Setup Ionic and its environment

npm install -g ionic

Start app based on this project template or start from scratch

ionic start meal_tracker [template]


bower install ngCordova

bower install angular-moment

bower install parse-angular-patch

bower install angular-messages

Parse is used on the backend

Build and Run:

Adding a platform target

$ ionic platform ios android

Building your app

$ ionic build ios

Emulate app

$ ionic emulate ios [options]

Running ionic app Meal Tracker Deploys the Ionic app on specified platform devices. If a device is not found it’ll then deploy to an emulator/simulator.

$ ionic run ios [options]

Posted on

October 17, 2015