BitInvaders – Fun game to teach kids binary numbers!

BitInvaders is an fun Java-based game aimed for teaching middle schoolers converting and adding binary numbers! My teammate Keith Rippetoe and I worked on this project for 3 weeks and we won the 2nd place for interactive and educational game at Colorado School of Mines (Spring 2016). After that, I gave demo of BitInvaders at various outreach events at local elementary and middle schools. Seeing the engagement and fun of the game, CSM Department of Computer Science then hired me to be a part of CS@Mines On Tour, a program in which current university students go to high schools in Colorado to facilitate interactive activity to get them excited about Computer Science and recruit future students.

During CS@Mines On Tour, I facilitated activities and introduced kids to these CS topics:

1. Image Representation
2. Binary
3. Error detection
4. Information hiding

The game interface and tutorials

Game Rules:

Destroy the binary “invaders” by attacking their weakness–their hidden decimal values– as fast as you can before they reach your base. As you progress in the game, the binary invaders will change color and also move at a much quicker speed. Solving the red invader binary addition problem will help clear all invaders on the current screen! What are you waiting for? Join me in the quest of protecting our planet Earth!

  • To build and run the game, clone/download this repository:

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December 18, 2016

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