About Me

My name is pronounced like “Nyun or Nyan cat!”

Hello World!

I am currently pursuing both master’s and bachelor’s in Computer Science. Since arriving in the United States from Vietnam in 2010, I have dedicated myself to following my true passion in the STEM fields; consistently exceeding academic expectations while leveraging challenging work experiences to enhance my technical aptitude.

I’ve been actively participating and won in various high-profile hackathons (1st place @ LinkedIn Hackathon, Best IoT@HackHarvard, Top 4/250 at UCBerkeley Hackathon, and more). I’ve gained hands-on experience in solving technical challenges, business development, and building user-centered products from scratch while dealing with ambiguity. While wearing various hats like an engineer, product manager, and student entrepreneur, I ask myself questions like “Is this the right product to build? If we build this, would people actually use it?”

Academically, I am honored and grateful to receive several scholarships (Daniels Scholar, Greenhouse Scholar) and graduate fellowships (research and teaching fellow). These not only provide me with
full financial support to now complete my college education but have also instilled in me strong leadership skills and a commitment to
give back to the community.

I am confident that my combination of experience, curiosity, and educational endeavor has prepared me to work well with teams on multidisciplinary projects, frame the right questions, build the right products, and better understand the people the solutions are designed for. As I am always searching out new opportunities. please feel free to contact me directly at nhan@trannhan.com.