Nhan Tran

Robotics Research Engineer at Robust.AI | Human Robot Interaction Researcher | AR/VR Enthusiast

Hi there!

Hi there! I am Nhan Tran (sounds like “Nyun”). I’m currently a research engineer working on robotics perception and human-robot interaction at Robust AI. Previously, I interned, learned, and collaborated with the amazing teams at Robust.AIFacebookGoogle Nest, and NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

I recently graduated with a masters thesis in Computer Science + Robotics and Intelligent Systems from Colorado School of Mines, advised by Dr. Tom Williams. Last year, I was selected as one of the HRI Pioneers 2020 cohort, a highly competitive doctoral workshop at the top venue for Human-Robot Interaction research. While currently working in industry, I still try to maintain ties with academia and the robotics research community by serving as Web Chair for both 2021 HRI Pioneers and the 2021 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction.

My research interests are Extended Reality (XR) and Human-Robot Interaction/Teaming (including ubiquitous intelligent systems such as decision support system, autonomous vehicles, UAVs, or multimodal sensor technologies). For my masters’ thesis, I researched computational models for adaptive augmentation, where the way in which information is communicated to human teammates is adapted on the fly based on their cognitive load and mental states. My lab mates and I conducted experiments analyzing the effectiveness of robot-generated mixed reality gestures using real robotic and mixed reality hardware (two papers are now in submission). More broadly, I aspire to design naturalistic human-agent teaming experiences and adaptive technologies that augment human capabilities. 

Academically, I am honored and grateful to have received several scholarships (Daniels Scholar, Greenhouse Scholar) and graduate fellowships (research and teaching fellow). These not only provided me with full financial support to now complete both of my bachelors and masters debt-free, but had also instilled in me strong leadership skills and a commitment to give back to the community.

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I have written in more detail about these and other side projects here. https://www.trannhan.com/projects/


For a full list of publications and citations, please visit my Google Scholars page.



Creative side
  • When not coding, I enjoy making videos with friends and playing around with movie special effects. As former captain of Mines Robotics Club, I also captured various moments of my team building robots and competing in collegiate robotics tournaments.